Blue Berry Kush Witches Brew!

Burning the witches brew! On a Thursday the “Blue Berry Kush” was cured and prepared by the Bright eyed Illinois Native American in The Colorado Springs! Her blend and melody is part method part routine all love and expertise! Growing these flowers in a state that has embraced a legal terminology making this potent medicine medicinal and flavored for acceptance amongst the many (Oregon Legal State). Remember I am against segregation and limitations for the masses as we pretend we are United. This earth this blend this grow, originates in Oregon. Only in America these dollars those dollars those licenses those ends that money has been regulated and adjudicated to prevent the use and enjoyment for those who aren’t with me! Sorry out of towners other Americans with less regressive States you can’t smoke this witches brew! As I puff on this Blueberry Kush that will last until the Luner Eclipse!

Blue Berry Kush


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